The care and diligence taken through the implementation process will reward your business in raised efficiency and increased turnover

Setup Meeting

Every POS implementation begins with a meeting with one of our consultants about the features of Pi Electronique. The entire configuration will be discussed and implemented during this initial phase of the process. We will discuss subjects such as; products and pricing, reporting, statistics, users, financial handling and much more. All of your specific requirements will be taken into account and translated into our set-up. The flexibility of Pi Electronique will be demonstrated during this part of the process.


Training staff how to use and maintain Pi Electronique is an integral step. The success of the implementation depends on the knowledge of the users. For this reason, training is an important aspect of installation. Your staff will be trained by our experienced consultants and be left with the knowledge to utilize the features required. The training of front-line employees will focus more on the daily use of Pi Electronique and its functionalities such as; order taking, reservations, payments and more. Management training will focus more on reporting, stock management and other important tools they can use to extract useful data to ensure optimization of profits.

Live Cover

Our consultants will be available to ensure all questions are answered and everything runs smoothly, during the first couple of days of the fully operational system.