I would like to thank yourself and your dedicated staff for your excellent service and backup in these past 12 months. I inherited the PI restaurant system from the previous owner of our restaurant. Having had no experience with this kind of software I was having doubts as to whether I had done the right thing.

Thanks to you and your company I could not have placed the crucial operating software of my business in better hands. It is refreshing in these times of automated telephone  responses that I am greeted with the voice of a real person EVERY time I call you for assistance. You have at all times provided your valuable services in a timely and reliable manner. It is obvious that you work on building relationships with your clients and genuinely care about what you do.

Greg Martin

Pancakes at Carillion

The system paid for itself within 8-9 weeks with the savings made on staff, missed items and increased sales, there is no way I would ever use another system now I have used PI.

Peter Berogna

Primo Posto

Because of Pi Electronique we’ve gone from servicing 90 people a night to over 160. The Pi Point of Sale system is the best available.


Villa Da Vinci

When we designed our Restaurant I wanted a Point Of Sale System that would not be affected by PC problems and WIFI dropouts. Pi Electronique provided both the reliability, speed  and service that enables us to concentrate on our customers.

Kathy Keung

Aquarium Restaurant